Southwest Dental Group - Southwest Dental tries to rip people off by misquoting prices

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Southwest Dental in Surprise, Arizona needs to have a warning sign on their door stating that they don't believe in quoting accurate prices. They were not upfront with prices - Quoted me a great rate on the phone but refused to give me the same rate. Tried to tell me that the rate they had quoted me was with a plan

but on the phone they told me that I didn't need to get the plan to

give the rate. When I decided to make sure that the rate they

had quoted me on the phone was the same price I was going to pay, they

called me a liar, so I left without getting any work done. They tried to

argue with me as I was leaving but I wasn't going to pay their sky high

prices. The quotes they give you on the phone are reasonable but what

they want to charge you is insane. They quoted me $25 for the basic

x-ray/exam and when I when I got into the office, they tried to tell me I

had to pay $155 for the X-ray/exam. The entire office staff denied that they had quoted me a special price, so clearly this is a money making scheme that they regularly employ. They are not upfront with their

rates and I recommend that everyone stay as far away from this dentist as possible.If you read other reviews of this Dentist, you will see that this is a common practice to treat their clients horribly. If you have self respect and don't want to have to deal with liars, stay as far away from this dentist as possible.

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